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A community of AOP developers and users is available to develop trainings for groups, projects, and institutions.  If you are interested in exploring the possibility or setting up a training, please fill out this form and someone will respond to your request. 

OECD AOP Webinars

The OECD has hosted a series of webinars focused on a variety of aspects related to Adverse Outcome Pathways. Topics include journal review of AOPs, training needs and opportunities, tips for AOP development, assembling and evaluating weight of evidence, and the AOP framework. The webinar recordings and slides can be found in the middle of this page.

Upcoming Events

Checking in on Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs): Evolving Development, Evaluation, and Application. Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, March 19th, 2023, Nashville, U.S. (Fee for course) More information

Help and Guidance


The AOP-Wiki help pages provide descriptions of each field in the wiki and includes links to the relevant sections in the AOP Developers' Handbook for more information.

The online AOP Developers' Handbook contains all the information from the OECD AOP Developers' Handbook in a web accessible format. The original document is still available for download.

If you have any questions that are not addressed below please check the AOP Forum and/or Frequently Asked Questions page.

Training Wiki

We have launched a training wiki to allow users to learn the new system before making changes on the new production wiki. You do not need to be an author on this wiki to be granted author status on the training wiki, but all information in the training wiki is purged periodically and no mechanism exists to migrate information from that system to this one. If you would like to request author privileges on the training wiki, please contact us at

Training Materials

Catalog of Training Materials and Resources

A variety of presentations, recordings, and other resources created by the AOP Community have been collected by the Animal Free Safety Assessment Collaboration. The collection can be explored here: